Ianelder.co.uk Mobile Hairdresser London

My name is Ian Elder and welcome to ianelder.co.uk/blue:20hair. A Personal, Private, Exclusive, One-on-One Hairdressing Service " in my luxurious apartment suite in Little Venice".

All aspects of Hairdressing undertaken for Men and Women. You will receive a very personal, private, exclusive service with 100% of my attention. No juniors or reception staff to navigate, just you , me and your very important hairdressing service.

You get full access over 20 years of my experience in the hairdressing industry.

Relax with a complimentary Cocktail during your haircut or relax on the terrace while your hair is processing.

A truly, personal, relaxed, exclusive experience for all to enjoy.

"Professional, Friendly, Reliable"


My Story

As the proprietor I have been in the hairdressing business for a long time and have more than 20 years experience. Starting at the very bottom as a junior and working my way right to the very top as management. Had fantastic training in Oxford and London and with different, senior stylist along the way. I have owned and run my own successful  business in central London for the past 20 years. 

My Vision

We aim to give a professional, one on one service nothing like any other hairdressing service you may have experienced before. I feel our prices reflect our experience and the service that you will receive. You will feel relaxed and comfortable in beautiful surroundings with our great hairdressing services.